Immigration measures for people affected by the situation in Ukraine

In response to the situation in Ukraine, IRCC is taking steps to support Ukrainians and make it easier and faster for Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents and their immediate family members to return to Canada. 

A dedicated Ukraine enquiries phone line was set up for clients in Canada and abroad: 613-321-4243, collect calls accepted. Clients contacting IRCC by WebForm should add the keyword “Ukraine2022” in their enquiry and they will prioritize their requests: 

IRCC is implementing urgent processing of travel documents for Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Ukraine who do not have valid passports. They are prioritizing renewing work and study permits for Ukrainians currently in Canada, so those who receive a job offer can stay in Canada and start working while they wait for their work permit application to be processed. They are also prioritizing citizenship grant applications for adoption and permanent and temporary residence applications for people with a primary residence in Ukraine who want to reunite or travel with family, study, work or start a new life in Canada.

Update, March 3: IRCC is creating a Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel, available for individuals fleeing Ukraine. There will be no limit to the number of Ukrainians who can apply. The aim is to have the extended pathway open for applications shortly, and in the meantime applications by Ukrainians through all other programs will continue to be prioritized.
All Ukrainians who come to Canada as part of these measures will be eligible to apply for open work permits, making it easier for employers to quickly hire Ukrainian nationals. 

For up-to-date information on further support to Ukrainians and those affected by the situation in Ukraine, visit:

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